What measures does OIO take to ensure safe production
2023-02-23 10:02:27

Although the outbreak of the novel coronavirus casts a gloom over the beginning of 2020, spring is when life’s alive in everything. As trying efforts to bring business back to the normal, OIO doesn’t let its guard of epidemic prevention down.

In a cautious and positive manner, OIO began to carry forward work resumption and production restoration in batches since Feb. 15. So far, OIO’s operation has been completely recovered.

Work in the safest way and with most sufficient preventive measures.

The followings are what OIO has done and is doing to ensure safe resumption and production:

To make it convenient for the employees from other provinces to return to work, OIO sent vehicles to Henan Province on Feb. 24 to take its employees back company, where is as warm as their second “home”.

They were deeply touched by the thoughtful protection materials and services offered by the company from the moment they left home, including the face masks they wore all the way, regular body temperature measurements and disinfections, say the employees who have come back to the company.