The OIO Blooming 2019 New Year Celebration
2023-02-23 10:15:11

On February 16, 2019,   OIO Blooming 2019 New Year Celebration was ceremoniously held in beautiful Xitang Baoding hotel , Jiashan.

2018 has been an extraordinary year and a turning point for us,” by listening to the speech of OIO Chairman Mr. Hong , we deeply understood what a fruitful year we had gone through .

In 2019,we have successfully set up three business divisions, successfully obtained the construction land for the new factory, completed the 6S management system transformation,signed a written pledge to fulfill an annual performance, and started the construction of our new factory, etc. These achievements have laid a foundation for the better development of us.

Usually,it is the hard work of employees  that impresses you , but we can also show you  something different about them.

Staff from Zipper Business Division performed”Seaweed Dance” , which featured familiar &dynamic music and choreographed moves,thereby living up all the audiences.